This Book Just Ate My Dog! By Richard Byrne this book just ate my dog

This greedy picture book is eating up all of the characters!  First it’s Bella’s dog, then her friend…even Bella herself gets gobbled up!  They will need your help to get them all out!  A wonderful, interactive picture book that will definitely make you smile.

Apple tartThe Apple Tart of Hope by Sarah Moore Fitzgerald

This is such a lovely story.  It is about Oscar and Meg who are next door neighbours and best friends. Oscar is a wonderful character who brings hope to all with his talent of making amazing apple pies and Meg understands just how special he is. But Meg is moving away for six months and everything looks like it might be changing, especially when new girl Paloma moves in next door. This tender, gentle story is sad at times but is hopeful too, and it’s a really good lesson in friendship.

Would the Real Stanley Carrot Please Stand Up by Rob Stevens

Stanley CarrotIf you like a bit of comedy mixed in with your family dramas and dilemmas then this is the book for you! Stanley is adopted and has always wondered why his birth mother let him go.  He would like some answers, so when a card unexpectedly turns up from his mother on his thirteenth birthday, there’s an opportunity for this to happen.  Problem is, Stanley doesn’t quite have the confidence to meet her and be all that she might be hoping he is, so he sets up a rather interesting plan….! Heart-warming and humorous, this is a really good read.

And Not forgetting the non fiction....We send out so many fantastic non fiction titles every term that it only seems fair to shout about these too!

banished, beheaded

Banished, Beheaded or Boiled in Oil by Neil Tonge

Well who doesn’t want to know who punished their citizens with the ‘Knee Crusher’, what the Drunkard’s Cloak was and who got boiled alive?  It’s all here in this fabulously gruesome book about crime and punishment through the ages!